Best-in-Class solutions for Supply Chain Planning

Anaplan’s Supply Chain Planning solutions are delivered ‘as-a-service’ and developed based on industry best practices, providing a best-in-class planning solution for Demand, Supply, Inventory, Production and S&OP/IBP. Built on the Anaplan platform and delivering rapid time-to-value and high ROI.

Supply Chain planning

A best-in-class Demand, Supply & Inventory Planning Solution

Orchestrating seamless planning across your enterprise and supply network with end-to-end visibility. With “always on” functionality, all information is available in real-time for accurate, integrated decision making.

Collaborative Demand Planning

Providing a reliable demand signal to Supply Planning is critical to ensuring high customer satisfaction, maximum revenue and margin. Anaplan’s Collaborative Demand Planning solution supports and manages all the required steps to develop an effective demand plan. Starting with Forecasting solutions (ML or Best-Fit), a baseline forecast is generated to drive and guide the process. With planning functions such as Product Lifecycle, Marketing, Promotion, Sales, Demand and Consensus, a realistic forecast is developed. Supporting each of these functions, are rich analytics and performance management metrics to ensure a repeatable and sustainable process.

  • Collaborative across all functions
  • Planning in volume and value
  • Aggregation and disaggregation on any plan
  • Planning in varying time periods over the planning horizon
  • Full audit trail of changes to the plans
Consensus Planning Charts

Inventory Planning

Anaplan’s Inventory Management solution is a robust set of capabilities for planning and optimising inventory across a network to improve service levels, reduce E&O and inventory write-offs. Inventory levels are optimised based on inventory policies which are statistically derived. DCs/Locations are replenished based on their inventory positions and the demand placed on them. Inventory is easily balanced between locations using transfers while considering lead times. Additionally, inventory can be assessed for expiry based on production or receipt dates and monetised for liability.

  • Inventory valuation of on-hand and projections levels
  • User-Defined inventory policies, i.e. safety stock
  • Forecast consumption by product/location
  • Scenario modelling using different policies
  • Rich analytics on error measurement by product/location
Inventory Planning Charts

Supply Planning

Anaplan’s Supply Planning is a robust set of industry-leading solutions for effectively planning and promising supply. Balancing demand with supply is a key part of supply chain planning. Considering demand, inventory, capacity, materials (suppliers) are critical information when planning supply across the planning horizon. Inventory policies are used to determine the required inventory levels for optimal customer service, preventing stock outs, which maintaining cost. Anaplan’s Supply Planning solution seeks to fulfil demand (forecast/sales) across production and/or contract manufacturers over the planning horizon. Built on the Anaplan platform and delivering rapid time-to-value and high ROI.

  • Plan optimization
  • Inventory Management
  • Production Planning
  • Scenario modelling
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Production Planning

Balancing demand with supply is a key part of supply chain planning. Anaplan’s Production Planning solution seeks to fulfil demand (sales/forecast) across internal plants and/or contract manufacturers. Simultaneous capacity and material planning is performed to understand gaps or capable-to-promise. Scenario modelling is employed to solve gap issues based on defined goals. Plans can be viewed at a detail level or at a RCCP level. Some key features and benefits are as follows:

  • Optimise Production Plan based on defined goals, i.e., customer priority, maximise profit
  • Optimise Production Plan respecting the following key inputs and constraints:
    • Resource capacities
    • Bill of Material (BOM) requirements
    • Raw materials or components availability
    • Projected demand (sales orders, forecast)
    • Product manufacturing and transportation lead-times
  • Inventory shelf-life
  • Recommend planned Production and Purchase Requirements
  • Understand the Rough Cut Capacity plans to support the total demand plan
  • Perform scenario modelling and compare results and trade-offs


Anaplan’s Executive S&OP/IBP solution enables the strategic reviews of plans for Product, Demand and Supply across the enterprise, ensuring alignment with the business and financial goals of the business. For every planning cycle and at an aggregate view, executives can easily review past performances, and the future plans for alignment and gaps. Any necessary corrective actions are communicated to the appropriate owners for implementation, effectively closing the loop between tactical and strategic planning. Throughout the S&OP process, key actions and assumptions are managed with full accountability.

  • Product, Demand and Supply feasibility reviews
  • Operational plan alignment with financial objectives
  • Rich analytics of plan performance
  • Real time and persistent executive reporting
  • Decision Management
Executive S&OP Charts

Key Benefits

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Anaplan’s Supply Chain Planning Solutions are built on a single platform which is robust and powerful. Updates to plans are automatically updated across the end-to-end planning functions.

Easy to use with intuitive dashboards and planning views for reviews or updates. High user adoption and retention makes an organisation’s investment secure.

Anaplan’s “Rapid Implementation Methodology” allows for quick implementations. Using a defined set of data, which is loaded into the solution through integrations, the system is validated. After user training, the system goes lives with the required best-practice functionalities.

Our solutions are purpose-built and based on industry best practices. Key operating and financial metrics are positively impacted after implementation and usage of the solutions. With fast implementations and high user adoption and retention, faster time to value is realised, driving higher financial gains.

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