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Managing demand by providing the necessary supply is often a challenge for many companies. At best, this function is sub-optimal due to dated technologies or concepts. Bringing speed, intelligence and reality to the demand plan is where Vuealta Production Planning, powered by Anaplan Optimizer, changes the game.

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Intelligent and optimal planning of production

Leveraging Anaplan Optimizer, the fastest and most powerful mathematical programming solver available, Vuealta Production Planning computes the optimal plan based on the combinations and permutations of the planning data, within seconds. Using defined goals or objectives, drive the desired operational and financial outcomes based on stated constraints and understand the impact of tactical changes by powerful scenario modelling.

Key Benefits

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Reduction in inventory and production cost

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Increased revenue and margin

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Improved delivery and fill rates

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Better asset utilisation

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Improved customer service

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Maximise time efficiency

Key Features

Objectives Optimisation

Production Planning provides the capability to optimise your production plan based on objectives or goals. For example, the solution can plan to maximise revenue or margin, minimise order lateness, avoid penalties, maximise resource utilisation, etc.

Objectives Optimisation Dashboard

Order Promising

The Sales organisation needs to provide their customers with dates of when they can expect their orders. Production Planning will determine the earliest orders can be delivered based on the planning data, parameters, production, purchasing, etc.

Order Promising Dashboard

Capacity Planning

Know the exact capacity that is required to support the demand is a critical factor when planning for production. Considering the routing and process times, along with planning data, the required capacity is determined. Capacity limits can be fixed or adjusted to determine the order delivery dates.

Capacity Planning Dashboard

Material Planning

Production Planning will evaluate the demand plan, bill-of-materials, inventory positions and planning data to determine the material requirements. For example, each level of the bill-of-materials, routing and lead times are used to determine when materials are required.

Material Planning Dashboard

Powerful Scenario Modelling

Making tactical changes to the production plan is often made but the consequences are not fully known. Scenario modelling allows you to simulate the desired changes and compare the results quickly and easily. For example, accepting a large order and the impact on other orders.

Powerful Scenario Modelling

Other Features

Order Recommendation

Once Production Planning has optimised the production plan to support the demand across the planning horizon, it generates recommended planned orders for production and purchasing. These planned orders can be published to the ERP system for execution.

Simultaneous Planning

Effective production planning needs to consider multiple data points when seeking an accurate plan. Production Planning considers all planning data and provides an optimal answer for capacity and material requirement.

Strategic Planning

As part of the Executive S&OP process and future business planning, it is critical for an organisation to know the expected resource requirements of the next fiscal years. Production Planning will plan the resource requirements based on the expected revenue growth year over year. This will provide guidance on the expected investments based on the revenue growth.

Stand-alone or Integrated

Production Planning solution can be deployed as part of the Vuealta Supply Chain Planning solutions, which includes Collaborative Demand Planning, Inventory Planning and Executive S&OP. Alternatively, it can be deployed in a stand-alone mode with other legacy systems or third party vendor products.

Anaplan Optimizer

Anaplan’s optimisation engine helps determine which course best propels the business forward. It provides business leaders and planners with a simplified way to consider billions of possible solutions and multiple options or routes to solve a business issue, suggesting the best path.

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