Connected Planning in Business Services

Resource, workforce and contact centre planning to deliver accurate operational plans and optimise service levels.

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Business Services organisations face a myriad of challenges in the digital era. The industry continues to enjoy robust growth, as organisations recognise the benefits on offer, such as access to skilled talent, use of the latest technologies and  of course, the time that customers gain to spend on other income generating activities. But the requirement to deliver a quality service at a lower cost is greater than ever. Economic uncertainty, new regulations and changing business models are also reshaping the business services industry. Having a strong, integrated planning foundation in place, will ensure more accurate forecasting and will keep firms on track to meet customer service levels and revenue goals.

Anaplan provides a clear view of the risks and opportunities associated with pipeline, projects and people. Increased visibility into resource requirements, based on sales and service forecasts, contractor availability and planned hiring, enables teams to adjust hiring based on real-time business inputs. The ability to forecast and optimise resource capacity across client projects, service teams and geographical regions is key to ensuring that resources can be assigned to projects, supplemented by contractors or identified as having space capacity to support other teams.

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Typical Solutions for Business Services

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Capacity and Headcount Planning

Get an aggregated view of availability by skills and schedule. Uncover gaps and understand the costs and business impact of closing them

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Contact Centre Planning

Understand statistical forecasting capabilities to plan the traffic and call centre resources required.

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Resource Capacity Planning

Real-time resource optimisation by combining forecasted revenue, budgeted resource capacity and resource availability.

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