Connected Planning in Leisure & Travel

Scale and centralise planning processes to connect multiple data combinations and maintain operational capacity.

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Running an airline or a major leisure brand is a complex business. Many organisations in the travel and leisure sector have multiple brands and alliance partnerships that plan, schedule and track thousands of journeys, activities and transactions every day. In the airline industry for example, in order to spot emerging trends to keep flights and schedules in step with fluctuations, airline operators need to conduct detailed planning, as operational capacity needs change at hundreds of airports globally. This typically means redeploying staff, the largest element of controllable cost.

Traditional planning systems designed to support annual budgeting do not provide the speed or flexibility that travel and leisure businesses need today to predict the unpredictable. Spreadsheets are incapable of manipulating the billions of transactions across multiple dimensional data combinations encountered in operational planning and budgeting for airlines. Another complication is that spreadsheets and legacy systems preclude the collaboration that is required when planners are distributed around the globe.

Anaplan enables planners in this industry to stay aligned with their ever-changing operations networks, by conducting flexible ‘what-if’ scenario planning. The ability to view data in different dimensions gives complete visibility into how unexpected changes impact corporate results, allowing planners to make informed, data-driven decisions.

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Typical solutions for Leisure & Travel

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Workforce Planning

Fill resource gaps and enable long- and short-term workforce planning, aligned with business strategy and budgeting

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Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

Draw on real-time internal and external data to more accurately analyse performance, forecast multiple scenarios and make fast decisions confidently.

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Operational Planning

Link strategy to execution and accelerate response time by connecting financial and operational plans, such as capital expenditure and facility plans.

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