Connected Planning for Sales & Marketing

Drive revenue growth by executing marketing and sales plans confidently, with real-time accurate data and collaboration across departments and functions.

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Empower your go-to-market strategy

In an increasingly crowded and competitive market, forward-thinking sales leaders are coming up with new ways to sell and better strategies for staying ahead of the competition.  Alongside sales, marketing teams must integrate plans and activities into the sales forecast to create unlimited what-if scenarios to understand the impact of changes to the go-to-market plan.

Managing a go-to-market strategy on a single platform keeps teams powerful and nimble, to predict and protect revenue with flexible and collaborative sales and marketing planning.

Our new ability to test multiple scenarios within the planning process allows for a far greater level of business agility.”

Jean O’Neill, Head of Commercial Performance, Tokio Marine HCC
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Typical Sales & Marketing Solutions

Trade Promotion Planning

Improve promotion planning accuracy and collaboration with flexible promotion modelling and performance analysis

Sales Performance Management

Provide a single, reliable source of truth across all revenue functions. Collaborate with multiple teams simultaneously and instantly link changes in quotas, territories, comp plans, or forecasts to all other relevant plans and decisions.

Commercial Revenue Planning

Adjust assumptions, drivers and models to incorporate the latest state of play and quickly re-forecast sales, all the way down to individual SKUs or customer combinations.

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HR & Workforce

Deliver the optimal workforce by connecting HR, finance and business data to plan and model a range of workforce and talent strategies and scenarios.

Close skill gaps, deploy talent where it’s needed and create compensation frameworks to drive performance, best practise and results.
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Supply Chain planning

Supply Chain

End-to-end Supply Chain Planning and scenario modelling to ensure your organisation is ready to respond to the unexpected.

Connect Demand and Supply with Inventory and Finance to uncover opportunities and deliver outstanding customer service.
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Finance banking


Connect data, people and processes across FP&A to steer business performance and deliver timely and reliable budgets, forecasts and reports.
Enable your Finance team to apply their business acumen to orchestrating performance, not spreadsheets.
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