Connected Planning in Telecommunications

Connect financial and operating planning processes to capture 5G growth opportunities, optimise digital business models and reduce costs.

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As telecom operators seek to capture growth opportunities with 5G and digital business models, while reducing costs and subscriber churn, financial and operational planning processes need to be connected.  Traditional planning is no longer sufficient for today’s increasingly dynamic and volatile telco landscape. In most telecom businesses, planning tends to be periodic, static, manual, and slow, impeded by legacy systems patched with spreadsheets. It’s siloed and rigid, making it difficult for telco’s to operate with the agility and flexibility the market demands. And it can be unreliable and error-prone, based on historical data that can suffer from quality and availability issues. To stay ahead of competition and remain successful in the path to profitable growth in the 5G race, business need:

  • Agile and continuous, dynamic planning, to enable real-time decision making
  • Cross-functional collaborative planning across global departments and teams
  • Intelligent planning utilising historical data, real-time insights and AI/ML, to ensure data is continually synced and stored.

Typical solutions for Telco

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Sales Planning

Optimise your sales strategy and effectively mobilise teams with adaptable plans and insightful forecasts.

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Contact Centre Planning

Understand statistical forecasting capabilities to plan the traffic and call centre resources required.

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Marketing Performance Management

Marketing, demand, campaign and programme planning to ensure targeted objectives and outcomes are met.

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