Vuealta Powers Business Resilience

By Roger Singh, Global Head of Supply Chain Solutions, Vuealta

If the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic has taught us anything, it is the deep appreciation we have for healthcare professionals and key workers. At a personal level, it has also reminded us how important kindness and compassion are in our everyday lives. At a professional level, it has brought home the importance of operational preparedness and strategic planning.

Roger Singh Headshot
By Roger Singh
Published: 26 June 2021

As a Supply Chain Planning solutions provider, Vuealta has seen the challenges of organizations’ internal planning systems in every imaginable variety. During this disruptive period, we have been working to help global companies manage the disruption by bringing speed, agility and flexibility to the process.

A process of reinvention

A key change for many businesses has been a process of reinvention to reimagine the way they run their global supply chain. We only need to look at the global supply chain crisis that happened as a result of the Suez Canal container ship blockage to see how networks can quickly be constrained and supply disrupted.

According to Gartner, the need for supply chain transformation and digitalization has now been significantly accelerated. It is forcing businesses to embark on rapid change to completely reimagine their future supply chain and the intelligence systems they use to drive it.

Outside of the pandemic, world economic cycles and canal-centric catastrophes, Vuelta has made supply chain planning intelligence our business. Therefore, we have dedicated ourselves to the development of our SaaS Supply Chain Planning applications suite, which was first launched in 2020.

Built on the Anaplan platform, powered by Amazon Forecast

All Vuelta SaaS-based applications are built on the Anaplan platform with its powerful analytical and processing capabilities. These rapidly deployable purpose-built solutions deliver exceptionally fast time-to-value, which has proven to be a key advantage for organizations experiencing wide-ranging operational challenges and managing unforeseen events.

Vuealta powers planning excellence and supply chain collaboration across many tiers including:

  • Statistical Forecasting
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Trade Promotions Management
  • Sales Planning
  • Collaborative Demand Planning
  • Inventory Planning & Optimization
  • Supply Planning
  • Integrated Sales & Operations Planning
  • Financial Integration

Vuealta’s SaaS-based solutions now benefit from the addition of PlanIQ, which is Anaplan’s Machine Learning (ML) forecasting solution powered by Amazon Forecast. Based on the same technology used in-house at, Amazon Forecast uses ML to combine time-series data with additional influencing variables to generate highly accurate forecasts. Users don’t need any machine learning experience to get started, all you need is to provide historical data, plus any additional data that you believe may impact your forecasts.

What does all this mean? The direct payoff here for Vuealta’s customers is the ability to experience even higher levels of forecast accuracy by applying advanced ML techniques to their data, driving more insightful and confident decisions.

Our customers have consistently given us positive feedback for our Supply Chain Planning applications suite, which is flexible and configurable. This is directly related to the fact that this approach to software deployment removes the requirement and responsibility to engage in “customizations”, which is typically complex, costly and defers value.

Continued innovation and growth

Our ongoing promise to our customers, the marketplace and technology partners is a resolute commitment to providing ever-richer levels of functionality and demonstrable value through innovation and continuous improvement across our SaaS-based supply chain planning applications suite.

Vuealta has significantly expanded its global team in the last twelve months to keep up with increasing customer demand and growth. With a strong global focus, regional expansion is key focus. For instance, the US operations is expected to triple in size this fiscal year.

In a time when every organization in every industry needs to define itself as a technology business, software business and a data-driven business, Vuealta is all those things, but we are also very much a solutions provider. Our goal is to help enterprises of any size navigate, steer and manoeuvre through future times ahead.

I am excited and enthused to join the global Vuealta team and contribute to our ongoing success and growth. Over the last 20-years I have worked with many enterprise applications and witnessed first hand the development and implementation of enterprise software solutions at many levels. My attraction to Vuealta is borne out of the opportunity to work with today’s most progressive technologies and to solve real world business challenges.