Connected Planning in Construction

Streamline build site planning and get a complete picture of profitability and cash flow by bringing all data into a central, consistent format to supercharge productivity.

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Managing a portfolio of sites and land for building residential and commercial properties requires careful planning, with increased visibility into cashflow. Understanding the exact status of each development and how close it is to completion and ultimately a sale, enables housebuilding and construction businesses to forecast accurately and secure future business opportunities and growth. It’s also important to have a solid understanding of which types of properties have the fastest turnaround cycles, to ensure that less working capital is tied up and profit is maximised, enabling confident decisions to be made on future projects and developments.

Seamless connectivity with source data systems and an integrated planning platform, to connect data, people and processes enables real time analysis and fast and effective decision making.  Anaplan enables construction companies to plan and track development projects accurately, flexibly and with scale.  Multi-phased projects can be evaluated in various ways, providing flexibility when it comes to moving timescales, modelling costs, revenues and project financing.

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Typical solutions for Construction

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Site Level Planning

Planning the sale and costs of plots to drive an integrated P&L, cashflow and balance sheet

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Cost Value Reconciliation

Connect quantity surveyors, commercial and finance teams with real time, transactional level data to create a standard approach across the business

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Land Appraisal Planning

A data-driven way to ensure confident decisions on the viability of a land purchase