Everything you need to know about Anaplan Optimizer

Anaplan Optimizer is smart; it’s fast; and it’s your trusted compass.

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By Vuealta
Last updated: 11 October 2023

Anaplan Optimizer makes complex business decisions easy

When global organizations face complex challenges, there are often trade-off choices. Anaplan’s advanced algorithm-based engine makes those decisions quick and easy by considering billions of possible solutions and suggesting the best way forward. And solutions are proposed within seconds. You no longer need to rely on time-consuming, iterative approaches that deliver sub-optimal recommendations.

Optimizer is powered by a world-class linear programming engine from optimization technology industry leader, Gurobi.

What is linear programming?

Linear programming is a mathematical idea used to determine the solution to a linear problem. The goal of linear programming is to maximize or minimize specified objectives such as profit and cost. This process is known as optimization and relies on three concepts: variables, objectives, and constraints.

How does Anaplan Optimizer work?

With linear programming optimisation, complex systems of variables and constraints are reduced to linear equations, the optimizer follows the gradient towards the best answer. This allows business leaders to define objectives and then set multiple variables or constraints to guide the planning process.

When managing optimization for sales, supply chain or finance, “what-if” scenarios can be easily compared side-by-side to decipher the best solution for your desired goal.

Anaplan Optimizer Features

  • Enterprise-wide scalability
  • UI-driven
  • Fast calculation
  • Model-based
  • Optimization analysis
  • Data integration with other systems
Where to start?

Anaplan Optimizer is a premium service offered by Anaplan. Within Anaplan, it can be found in the Actions list in the main panel of Anaplan. If this doesn’t appear in the dropdown menu, please get in touch and speak to one of our representatives about enabling this service.