Vuealta Collaborative Demand Planning

Vuealta’s Collaborative Demand Planning enables organisations to efficiently engage different contributors in the planning process and accurately develop a single forecast of demand. Vuealta’s Collaborative Demand Planning solutions are built on the Anaplan platform and deliver high ROI with rapid time-to-value.

Consumer Packaged Products

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Demand collaboration and orchestration to drive accurate forecasting. Developing an optimal consensus demand plan can mean the difference between being out of stock and fulfilling customer orders.

Statistical Forecasting

Vuealta’s Statistical Forecasting Engine is fast and robust leveraging 20 industry forecasting methods. With its proprietary best-fit and outlier management technology, the appropriate method is selected to generate an optimal forecast. Parameters can be tweaked to further enhance the engine, and history can be corrected before consumption. It is “always-on” and learns from changes in the data to provide an up-to-date forecast. The generated forecast can be adjusted which persists until manually changed.

Statistical Forecasting Charts

Product Lifecycle Management

Evaluating the organisation’s product portfolio is a key part of the planning process. Vuealta’s PLM analyses the portfolio by demand and sales. Products can be phased out through the End-of-Life or Product Chaining functions. New products can be easily modelled as actual or temporary items leveraging predefined or user-created launch profiles. Plans are monetised to understand the impact on the forecasted revenue.

Product Lifecycle Management

Marketing Planning

As part of the collaborative demand planning process, looking at the long-term and market conditions is a key factor in brand management. Vuealta’s Marketing allows for planning at an aggregate level over a longer planning horizon while considering macro-economic data. These plans are monetised and automatically disaggregated to the detail level for near-time reference and consumption. Additionally, Bundle Management allows for efficient planning of bundles and included products.

Market Segment Planning

Trade Promotion Management

Vuealta’s TPM is robust and rich in functionality for managing the lifecycle of promotions. Promotions can be user-defined based on the organisation’s policies and practices. They are incorporated into the planning process and exposed for visibility and plan adjustment. Promotions are monetized to understand revenue and margin impact, and the spend liabilities and post-promotion results.

Manage Promotions Chart

Commercial Planning

A key part of the demand planning process is to develop a bottom-up forecast that is provided by Sales. Vuealta’s Commercial Planning provides capabilities for account managers to capture a product/customer forecast or pipeline opportunities, which is monetized by an ASP or List Price. The basis of the commercial plan is the statistical forecast which can also include any promotions. The final adjusted commercial plan is published to Demand Planning for consideration when developing the demand plan.

Sales Planning Dashboard

Demand Planning

Vuealta’s Demand Planning provides visibility of the preceding Statistical, Product, Marketing, and Sales forecasts which is an integral part in influencing the demand plan. Demand Planning considers both the independent and corresponding bundle dependent demand. Performance metrics of the various plans are available to aid the demand planner in developing an effective plan.

Demand Planning Graph

Consensus Demand Planning

Many organisations struggle with developing a basic forecast for supply planning, much less an accurate one. Vuealta’s Consensus Demand Planning facilitates a collaborative planning process which includes the generation of a Statistical Forecast that is used as a baseline for the entire process. The other contributors to the process will provide their respective forecasts which are collectively reviewed and measured in the consensus planning process. In addition, the AOP is used as a reference in the process.

Consensus Planning Charts

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