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Watch a demo of the Collaborative Demand Planning Solution

Anaplan’s Collaborative Demand Planning solution supports and manages all the required steps to develop an effective demand plan.

Starting with Vuealta’s Forecasting solutions (ML or Best-Fit), a baseline forecast is generated to drive and guide the process. With planning functions such as Product Lifecycle, Marketing, Promotion, Sales, Demand and Consensus, a realistic forecast is developed. Supporting each of these functions, are rich analytics and performance management metrics to ensure a repeatable and sustainable process.

In this video you will see how to:

  • Accurately forecast demand
  • Balance demand with inventory
  • Manage promotions and price changes with ease
  • Integrate with Finance

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Optimising Demand and Inventory Planning

Supply chain disruption has carried well into 2022 and demand planners everywhere are having to pivot fast in order to remain top of class distribution channels for their consumers.

Watch this webinar to learn how Vita Coco has risen above the disruption by utilising data to execute quick and efficient planning, retaining its status as a known and loved household name. Enjoy a best-in-class Demand, Supply & Inventory Planning Solution, without the headaches of maintenance and administration.

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