Vuealta Inventory Planning

Vuealta’s Inventory Planning enables organisations to accurately manage and balance inventory across their network while maintaining optimal customer service levels. Vuealta’s Inventory Planning Solution is built on the Anaplan platform and delivers high ROI with rapid time-to-value

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Reduce stock outs, minimise carrying cost

Optimal stocking levels of goods is one of the key drivers to excellent customer service while maintaining planned financials around inventory

Replenishment Planning

Vuealta’s Replenishment Planning provides the capabilities to automatically maintain the optimal levels of inventory by location. Once certain thresholds have been met, the system senses deviations and automatically initiates replenishment planning to satisfy inventory levels. Key ordering policies are dynamically calculated and updated based on inventory movement performance.

Replenishment Planning Dashboard

Inventory Optimisation

Developing the net requirements can be challenging for many planners due to the availability of relevant inventory details. Vuealta’s Inventory Planning brings all the necessary data to the planner for analysis and updates and ultimately determines the net requirements and the resulting projected inventory. Using the Inventory Transfer capability, the network can easily be rebalanced by moving inventory between locations. Additionally, for products with shelf-life, the portfolio can be aged and tracked in volume and value.

Inventory Simulation Example

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Vuealta Collaborative Demand Planning

Vuealta’s Collaborative Demand Planning is a comprehensive solution and covers the full process to reach a consensus demand plan.

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Supply Chain planning

Vuealta Supply Planning

Balancing demand with supply is a key part of supply chain planning. Vuealta’s Supply Planning solution seeks to fulfil demand (forecast/sales) across production and/or contract manufacturers.

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Vuealta S&OP / IBP

Vuealta’s Executive S&OP / IBP solution enables the strategic reviews of plans for product, demand and supply across the enterprise, ensuring the alignment with the business operating and financial goals.
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