Vuealta Supply Planning

Vuealta’s Supply Planning solution is a robust industry-leading solution for effectively planning and promising supply. Leveraging fast scenario modeling, supply issues can be simulated for the best outcomes. Built on the Anaplan platform and delivering rapid time-to-value and high ROI.

Supply Chain planning

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As demand plans change, managing and determining the supply is difficult for most organisations. Solve the supply requirements in real-time, while considering all the related planning factors.

Production Planning

Knowing what to produce or buy, and when, is key to accurately fulfilling sales and forecast demand. Vuealta’s Production Planning feature provides fast and powerful optimization capabilities to accurately develop a optimal plan for supply. Existing orders and inventory are netted with demand to generate production and purchase recommendations. Capacity and material issues are surfaced immediately for planners to review and address.

Inventory Planning Screenshot

Capacity Planning

Managing capacities for resources, especially critical assets, is an integral part of production planning. Vuealta’s Production Planning capabilities include unconstrained and constrained planning modes, variable capacity limits, and planning calendars to efficiently leverage resources. In constrained mode, alternate resources can be dynamically employed to resolve capacity issues. In unconstrained mode, utilization can be viewed at a resource level or an aggregate level for RCCP and executive analysis.

Capacity Planning Charts

Material Planning

Vuealta’s Production Planning capabilities net the production Bill-of-Materials requirements, for all levels, against on-hand inventory or in-coming supply. Using its fast optimization algorithms, the shortage of any materials is quickly and easily determined. Based on the shortages, the application provides purchase recommendations to be received on the required date to prevent order lateness.

Material Planning Dashboard

Scenario Modelling

Understanding the impact of decisions is vital in supply chain planning. Vuealta scenario modelling capabilities enable the simulation of key decisions and the results. Scenarios are easily created from the current plan and various simulation levers are used to determine the results. The results of the scenarios can be compared and evaluated for the best option. Once a scenario has been selected, the decisions can be promoted to the current plan.

Scenario Modelling Charts

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