Introducing FastTrack for Housebuilding

Start your financial planning and analysis transformation journey up to 50% faster with Vuealta Consulting’s FastTrack for Housebuilding.

FastTrack for housebuilding is more than just a solution, it’s a comprehensive consulting service that accelerates your digital planning journey.

Leverage the power of the Anaplan platform, pre-built with best practices, to help you achieve planning excellence and drive informed decision-making faster than ever before.

Key Features of FastTrack for Housebuilding

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Land Appraisal Planning

Remove uncertainty from land appraisals. Effortlessly model, analyze, and compare various scenarios to understand the impact on your current and future investments.

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Site & Group Level Profit & Loss Reporting

Simplify complex site and group-level P&L reporting. FastTrack for Housebuilding is pre-built to report on revenue, gross profits and site overheads applying appropriate rules for housebuilding vs sub-contracting.

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Site & Group Level Cashflow and Balance Sheet

Seamlessly shift between detailed plot-level data and high-level forecasts. Track progress against required cash flow at a group level for your organisations financial health.

FastTrack for Housebuilding enables…

Ditch information silos and outdated spreadsheets. With FastTrack for housebuilding, everyone works with the same, real-time data in a centralized platform.

No more waiting for updates or struggling with version control. Collaborate seamlessly as team members access and update plans simultaneously, ensuring everyone’s on the same page.

Imagine a system that automatically gathers data from sales and construction – generating real-time reports. This efficiency lets you focus on what matters most: building high-quality homes and keeping your projects on track.

Make data-driven decisions with ease using powerful what-if analysis, which enables you to compare multiple scenarios side-by-side, including variances in land viability assumptions across different sites and regions.

This lets you easily identify margin changes, pinpoint key factors impacting profitability, and ultimately choose the best development option based on projected returns.

Your Key Challenges, Solved

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Scenario Analysis

Compare multiple scenarios, side by side and make data-driven decisions with ease using powerful what-if analysis.

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Replaces legacy planning systems

Bid farewell to inefficient, error-prone multiple legacy planning planning tools and move to Vuealta's FastTrack powered by Anaplan, a true cloud planning platform.

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Systems Integration

Our systems integration experts partner with you to seamlessly connect your data across platforms such as COINS, eliminating tedious manual uploads and freeing your team to focus on what matters most.

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Cost and Time Efficiency

FastTrack solutions are quick to configure and deploy providing you with a faster and increased return on your investment.

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Workflow and collaboration

FastTrack for Housebuilding has inbuilt workflow ensuring that your budget, forecast and plans are delivered on time, every time. Collaborate in real-time for approvals, scenarios and course correction.

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Easily add new plots, potential sites and model acquisition targets and add adjacent use cases for supply chain, sales and workforce planning locally and globally.

Why Fast Track for Housebuilding?

Rapid Deployment

FastTrack for Housebuilding from Vuealta accelerates your planning transformation journey from months to weeks, ensuring your organization quickly harnesses the benefits of Anaplan.

Process Alignment and Control

Ensure predictability and robust planning with in-built Workflow Automation. FastTrack streamlines your planning processes and ensures adherence to your delegation of authority.

Single Version of the truth

By integrating FastTrack for Housebuilding to your source systems you can now plan with certainty and switch your team to value-adding tasks.

Transform your planning approach with Vuealta’s FastTrack for Housebuilding

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