2021 in the rear-view mirror. Success through resilience.

2021 has highlighted a sense of pride in the strength and determination shown by my colleagues and our customers, investors, and partners during these unusual times. Their willingness to overcome the challenges and to drive Vuealta to new highs has been quite extraordinary. It’s been fantastic to welcome many new staff and customers to the Vuealta family, who have chosen to embrace our business and join us on our mission.

By Vuealta
Published: 20 December 2021

Over the past year, our consultants have delivered a large number of business-critical projects globally. They have worked expertly on the frontline to deliver the Vuealta experience, often working against tight deadlines and to very high goals. Their dedication to the task and commitment to deliver a first-class product on time, every time, has been the difference between success and failure.

We launched our Supply Chain Planning as a Service offering this year too, giving businesses the support they need to run their Supply Chain Planning operations in the way they want to, without the headaches of maintenance and administration. Our purpose-built applications have helped numerous organisations to navigate their response to Covid-19 and overcome the global supply chain crisis. Innovation is the lifeblood of our organisation and 2021 has been a standout year for technical advancement.

In September, Vuealta secured a multi-million pound investment from funds managed by YFM Equity Partners. Provided to enable further growth and our international expansion plans, the investment will power Vuealta into 2022 and beyond.

Vuealta success  through resilience

Nothing in the achievements highlighted has been easy. It has taken huge efforts, unwavering commitment, and enduring resilience to come so far in times like these. This is the spirit of Vuealta. We are a united family. We work for the common goal of success. As we move into the new year, there is much to be excited about, from the pending arrival of new colleagues and customers, to the launch of new products and services that enhance the Vuealta portfolio. No doubt there will be challenges to overcome, but I remain confident that we will continue to be strong and that we will continue to succeed together.

Happy holidays to everyone in the Vuealta community.  I look forward to seeing you in 2022.