The first step to operational excellence

Anaplan is a powerful connected planning solution, but what about data acquisition and getting the data in the first place? Clean, reliable data is the foundation for accurate planning and informed decision-making.

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By Vuealta Consulting
Last updated: 21 June 2024

To get planning and reporting right, we need to ensure that the data it depends on is robust and dependable for every business function, from finance to operations, sales, HR, and more.  Getting this process right saves countless hours and manual interventions later on.

What is operational excellence?

Planning and reporting in many organizations are laborious, siloed, and error-prone processes.  There is far too much reliance on isolated spreadsheets shared via email.  Most organizations lack a clear “single version of the truth” for plans, targets, or results. 

Operational excellence helps organizations respond faster to changing market conditions and make better decisions overall.  It simplifies and accelerates planning and reporting by bringing together people, processes, and data together with powerful cloud tools.  This improves collaboration, builds trust, and drives out inaccuracies. 

How can we achieve operational excellence?

The right approach to digital transformation for planning and reporting starts with bringing together all data and technology sources to create a single source of truth. Our systems integration solutions with Anaplan deliver this.

Getting the “data in” part of the cycle right saves time and money in the future. It’s the first stage of operational excellence and helps organizations respond faster to changing market conditions and make better decisions overall. 

For many organizations, planning and reporting seasons mean long days manually checking numbers and building models. Our partnerships with Anaplan means we can digitize the entire planning lifecycle, from raw business data to actionable plans and clear reporting. 

At Vuealta Consulting, we leverage our expertise and a tailored approach to ensure every organization we work with benefits from a seamless and efficient planning and reporting process. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business achieve operational excellence.