Supporting the plan-to-report cycle with Fluence Technologies

By Vuealta Consulting
3 minutes
Last updated: 17 June 2024

Financial Consolidation with Vuealta Consulting and Anaplan

Vuealta Consulting was founded on our conviction that better planning makes for stronger business performance. From Supply Chain, HR and Workforce, and Sales Planning to Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A), we’ve helped leading global companies make their planning simpler and more collaborative, using the power of Anaplan.

Now, we’re broadening our capabilities to help businesses simplify how they consolidate and report their financial performance. This is thanks to our new partnership with Fluence Technologies, a leading provider of financial close, consolidation, and reporting solutions for CFOs and their teams.

Our existing expertise in Anaplan and new capabilities with Fluence together enable us to support the entire plan-to-report cycle.

Operational Excellence with Fluence Technologies

Our existing Anaplan offering helps organizations reduce planning times by 60% or more.  With our new reporting capability based in partnership with Fluence, we aim to help customers bring similar levels of speed and agility to reporting and consolidation.

Together with Fluence, we can offer finance and accounting teams:

  • Up to 90% reductions in financial close, consolidation, and reporting times
  • Unwavering confidence in reporting, thanks to accurate, timely, and transparent data
  • An end to the long hours and human errors that result from copying and pasting numbers from one legacy system into another

With Fluence and Anaplan, Vuealta Consulting can enable organizations to develop better plans, quickly and make it much easier to report back on them.  Then the cycle can repeat itself.

End to end planning with fluence technologies

An end-to-end planning and reporting process

Planning, financial consolidation, and reporting, have many traits in common.  They are time-critical, depend on large amounts of data from diverse systems, and depend on extensive collaboration across different functions.  Legacy systems and software have struggled to address these challenges over the past few decades and many businesses find that they are no longer sufficient for the demands of today’s fast-moving businesses.

We’re experts in enabling the digital transformation of planning and now, of financial consolidation and reporting.  Our industry experience spans financial services, consumer goods, manufacturing, and housebuilding.  We pride ourselves on understanding the specific challenges of each client and work closely with teams to come up with fresh possibilities.  Then we put them into practice. 

If you’d like to find out more about our partnership with Fluence Technologies or to simplify your planning or reporting processes, contact us.