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Supply and Demand Planning: Proactive Operational Strategy for Flexible Scenarios during the 2020 Holiday Peaks

Chaotic demand patterns are creating costly inefficiencies in supply chains.

Every customer that a shipper doesn’t deliver for, is a customer lost to a competitor that can offer what they want, when they want it and at a competitive cost.

Topics discussed include:

  • Predicting Trends: Increase agility by spotting major trends quickly through the analysis of online sales and mobility data.
  • Data & Technology: Ensure your organization is equipped to manage and respond to events such as holiday peaks, product launches, more frequent promotions and more regular life cycle refreshes.
  • Offshoring v Nearshoring: Learn the pros and cons of each option, including possible risk reduction risk and faster lead times.
  • Agile Fulfilment: Respond tactically through effective planning, replenishment, redeployment and pricing.

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