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So What, and Why? Intelligent Forecasting Webinar

How to use Anaplan to automate a forecast, reduce manual number crunching, and improve accuracy.

It’s no secret that we are in a market of turmoil, and business leaders everywhere are facing brand new challenges every day. To help meet these challenges, planning needs to be agile and accurate. Key to this are forecasting techniques which are informed by the business drivers and remove the manual effort. When done well, planners can confidently respond to rapid market changes and support Executive teams to deliver on business objectives.

Take 30 minutes out of your day to learn how to better use Anaplan to advance your forecasting and drive greater results.

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Brought to you by Vuealta’s Chief Customer Officer & Planning Industry Expert, Adam Bimson

Adam Bimson, CCO & Founder @ Vuealta

In this session, Adam will share:

  • An overview of advanced forecasting approaches
  • A summary of the tools Anaplan provides
  • Examples of advanced forecasting uses, whatever your department or industry
  • Hints and tips for implementing PlanIQ
  • How to measure the quality of your forecasts

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