How to Teach Supply Chain Management using Gaming and Simulation

Supply chain management strives to overcome many challenges. A significant and long-standing challenge is getting different groups within the end-to- end supply chain to work better together and collaborate cross-functionally.

This guide explores how ‘Gamification’ and ‘Simulation’ are an effective way of educating supply chain stakeholders the importance of agility, resilience, planning and the value of digital data.

About this Guide

For many years, Cranfield University (based in the U.K. and the leading University for Supply Chain Management outside of the USA) has used a workshop-based simulation game to teach MBA students and supply chain professionals useful skills to better manage supply chains in fast- moving environments.

With the onset of Covid in 2020, it was necessary to digitalise the game for remote learning.  Cranfield University teamed up with Vuealta to digitalise the supply chain workshop and the results far exceeded expectations.

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